6 types of jumbo bags for storing light and heavy items

6 types of jumbo bags for storing light and heavy items

Jumbo bags for storage are huge bags that are flexible and lightweight. The outer layer is polypropylene, and the inside layer is nylon.

It can endure high temperatures and melts at 140 degrees Celsius, and it has been used as a packing material in many organizations for the transportation of tough and fragile materials in big numbers, such as fertilizers, cement, feed, and others.

Al-Moasron Company, a branch of Al-Moasron Group, supplies jumbo bags of various specifications and transfers them via Gama Transport Company to Jordanian and Arab markets.

What are the features of jumbo bags for storage?

Jumbo bags for storage
Jumbo bags for storage

There are significant benefits to using jumbo bags, including:

  • Available with nozzles for filling and discharging based on customer requirements.
  • Various sizes and types, as well as load capacity, as specified by the customer.
  • Lightweight and designed to allow the materials contained within to breathe.
  • The ability to print numerous designs on it based on consumer preferences.
  • The option of adding a layer to guard against moisture and dust.
  • The addition of a handle to make carrying easier.
  • Decomposition, moisture, and sunshine resistance.
  • Made from environmentally sustainable materials.
  • Ease of manually packaging or heavy packing of construction supplies such as stones that require appropriate protection.
  • The ability to fold it externally to aid in hand filling
  • Easier to empty because it features a valve-discharge base.

You can contact Al-Moasron team to know more about jumbo bags.

What are the types of jumbo bags?

There are several types of jumbo bags for storage, including:

  1. Circular jumbo bag: 
    This style is constructed of tubular cloth and has a square base with straps to help carry the bag and a top cover for protection.
    Circular jumbo bag is distinguished by its ease of transportation and storage, and its length and width range from 85 cm to 110 cm.
  2. Full loops bag:
     This style is distinguished by the use of belts spread on its sides and base to provide a great capacity for carrying hefty weights.
  3. Four panel jumbo bag: 
    These bags are made of four flat pieces of fabric that form the sides of the bag and a square base that keeps the texture of the bag in its cubic shape after filling, and they are carried by belts.
    The four panel jumbo bag is unique in that it is coated with polyethylene to minimize soft material leakage while also protecting the bag from weather elements such as rain.
  4. The u-panel jumbo bag:
    This type is formed of two pieces of fabric that are sewed together with a piece of cloth in the shape of the letter “U” that covers the sides and base of the bag, and it has a filling nozzle attached to it.
  5. Jumbo duffle bag:
    This bag features a big filling nozzle that fits all filling machines and allows it to close tightly.
  6. sling bag:
     This type of jumbo bags for storage is classified as one of the modern solutions used in land transportation, particularly when products with relatively tiny dimensions are collected inside this bag to speed the shipment process and reduce labor expenses associated with product carriage.

What additives are available for jumbo bags?

Jumbo bags for storage can be supplied with many additives such as:

  1. Plastic coating layer: to protect against moisture and prevent leaking of high-soft materials
  2. The stuffing rope that is used in conjunction with the sewing thread to prevent leakage and is usually employed when shipping dangerous items or packing materials under high pressure as a guarantee of non-leakage.
  3.  All-purpose filling and storing nozzles
  4. A cover made of a flat sheet of cloth that is placed on the bag, with the objective of completely covering the packaged items.

What items can be stored in jumbo bags?

Many light and heavy items can be stored in jumbo bags, including:

  • Commonly used in the transportation of fertilizers and cement.
  • Milk powder and granules.
  • Metal powder.
  • Fish food.
  • Animal feed.
  • Sand.
  • Toxic substances.
  • Seeds.
  • stone.
  • Petrochemicals.
  • Metal.

What is the capacity of jumbo bags?

One jumbo bag of big sand covers an area of a quarter meter by 50 millimeters thick. When determining the size of the bag, conversion between liters and kilograms is required

For example: The weight of one liter of sand equals 1.6 kilos, because some bags are labeled with the volumetric capacity rather than the weight.

Order jumbo bags for storage from Al-Moasron Company right away because they offer the stability and quality required to carry products of various weights and sizes while protecting them from dust, leakage, and weather elements.

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