Al-Moasron Company for plastic bags industry:

Al-Moasron Company for the manufacture of plastic woven bags is one of the Al-Moasron Group companies. It is a local Jordanian company specialized in the production of jumbo bags, regular woven bags and valve bags that are manufactured from raw material (polypropylene).

In addition, the most advanced German machinery that is specialized in the manufacture of bags worldwide is used.

Establishment of the company:

In 2020, Al-Moasron Company for  plastic woven bags industry was established as part of Al-Moasron Group, which is specialized in the production of polypropylene bags for packaging fertilizer, cement, flour and other products.

On the other hand, its products have been distinguished by being designed according to the latest international standards, in accordance with the requirements of the customer and at reasonable prices for the local and international markets.

jumbo bags:

Woven bags of polypropylene with high strength and light weight, often with added straps, used either for carrying using forklifts or for hanging on packing machines.

Advantages of Jumbo Plastic Bags:

  1. Available with filling and emptying nozzles according to customer requirements.
  2. Available in different sizes, types, sizes and load capacity according to customer request.

small plastic bags:

  1. Available in many types and shapes (plain bags and Valve bags).
  2. Possibility of adding a BOPP layer (biaxially – oriented polypropylene).
  3. Manufacturing according to the customer’s requirements in terms of bag size and type.
  4. Possibility of coloring and printing.
  5. Food grade bags are available and have certificates approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
  6. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly

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Project Details

Clients: Modeltheme
Location: Romania
Surface: 450.000 m2
Architect: James Mathews
Category: Construction
Value: $4.6 mil

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