Al-Moasron for cement and steel:

Al-Moasron Company for cement and steel is the commercial and marketing arm of several brands of cement, chemical materials, plastic bags, iron, and building timber.

In addition, Al-Moasron Group is an agent for the largest cement factories (black and white) in the Kingdom of Jordan and the Arab world, and the company supplies the markets with the finest types of rebar, making the company one of the most competitive companies in the Jordanian market


Al-Moasron Company for cement and steel specializes in the sale and distribution of high quality steel reinforcement.


1– Northern Cement

2- Royal Cement

3- Manaseer Cement

Al-Moasron Company, the exclusive agents of the most famous brands specialized in high quality cement products of white cement and black cement according to international standards.

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Project Details

Clients: Modeltheme
Location: Romania
Surface: 450.000 m2
Architect: James Mathews
Category: Construction
Value: $4.6 mil

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