Arkan Company – Iron and Steel Industry:

Arkan Co for Iron and steel industry was established in the year 2020. It manufactures and recycles iron, and produces steel (billet), from which it produces reinforcing steel bars after manufacturing operations.

The company, which is affiliated to Al-Moasron Group, aims to achieve the expectations of customers in the quality of the product, as its products conform to the Jordanian and international standards, British and American.

In addition, the company can, through the quality of its services, provide customers with cutting and bending services to facilitate the construction process.

Arkan products:

In the iron and steel industry, Arkan relies on the finest types of high-quality raw materials, as iron is the main nerve in the national economy and in the world of construction and contracting.

Arkan Iron and Steel Industry is characterized by modern laboratories equipped with the latest equipment to ensure the quality of the product and its conformity with Jordanian and international standards.

It is also keen on preserving the environment through the iron scrap recycling process and contributing to reducing environmental pollution.

Project Details

Clients: Modeltheme
Location: Romania
Surface: 450.000 m2
Architect: James Mathews
Category: Construction
Value: $4.6 mil

Iron block industry (BILLET):

Billets are semi-worked blocks of iron and steel, in the form of a square section, which is used as the main production input in rolling mills, which is based on the manufacture of iron bars from it as rebar, angles, square and simplified.




Arkan Iron and Steel Company produces steel rebar for construction with all standards 80, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25, 32, and the production is in accordance with the specifications and high-quality standards that the company is keen to adhere to and apply them in all stages of production.

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