Sigma Company for paints and construction chemicals:

In 2019, Sigma Industries and Mining was established as part of Al-Moasron Group, specialized in the production of basic building materials.

The company produces construction chemicals and paints in accordance with the latest international standards, and with the requirements of local and international markets.

Sigma is a local Jordanian company specialized in the production of construction chemicals, paints, plasters, building insulators, pastes and plastic water tanks, which are considered one of the finest materials with international specifications.

Sigma Industry and Mining Company Products:

1- Watercolor paints:

Indoor water-based, eco-friendly acrylic emulsion based, very low VOC.

2- Tile adhesives:

Cement tile adhesive (powder) is a multi-purpose, used for gluing tiles and ceramics of different sizes and used in kitchens, bathrooms, and others.

3- Putty the walls:

Water-based putty for leveling interior surfaces.

4- Sigma Proof 2K:

A two-component insulating cement coating to prevent water leakage.

5- Polybond:

Polyvinyl acetate adhesive is used to establish cement surfaces, as well as a final layer after water-based paints.

6- SBR material:

A styrene-butadiene based binder designed to improve the adhesion strength between concrete surfaces.

7- Robe tiles:

Cement grout used for grouting tiles and ceramics.

8- Plastic industries.

Please contact us, for more inquiries about our products.

Project Details

Clients: Modeltheme
Location: Romania
Surface: 450.000 m2
Architect: James Mathews
Category: Construction
Value: $4.6 mil

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